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If you are interested in growing trees in your garden for the first time, it is likely that you will have some questions about how best to proceed. My name is Paul and this is my advice blog. On this blog, I aim to give you some great advice about choosing the right type of trees for your garden and picking the best spot in which to plant them. I will also let you in on a few secret tree care tips which will keep them looking super healthy. I learnt all of this information from a tree contractor who visited my property some years ago. I call him in twice a year to check on my trees and we always have a nice chat.



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Choosing a tree lopper

Choosing a tree lopper is a serious decision, and one that is worth investing the time to get it right. A great tree lopper will bring both beauty and life to your garden, improving the health and structure of your trees. Your tree lopper will make some immediate changes, and sew the seeds for other transformations that will emerge over for years to come.

So, how do you choose the perfect tree lopper?

First, ensure you hire a tree lopper or arborist familiar with your local area and environmental conditions. A great tree lopper will be trained in correct pruning methods, and will be well equipped to advise you on the ideal practices required to bring out the best in your garden.

What does a tree lopper do?

A tree lopper is able to carry out the full spectrum of tree care tasks, from careful pruning to complete tree removal. Some common tasks include:

  • Tree lopping and pruning to increase air circulation, remove weak branches that could fall during strong winds, allow light into your garden, reduce the incidence of disease and even extend the lifespan of your trees.

  • Removing trees that have become infested or pose a risk to property.

  • Architectural care, including modifying the shape of your trees to foster their natural beauty, strength and stature.

  • Grinding and removing stumps.

  • Managing vegetation.

  • Supplying mulch and other garden necessities.

A great tree lopper will approach your property as a unique ecosystem, making careful calculations about your garden and the trees within it. Before physical work commences your tree lopper will:

  • Assess how much of any tree to remove, always aiming to avoid sending your tree into shock.

  • Balance fostering healthy growth against facilitating extreme and aggressive growth, or Epicormic Growth, which can cause structural issues in the long term.

  • Consider the most aesthetically pleasing approach to take in your individual garden.

  • Refer to professional standards and local government by-laws.

A great tree lopper will also offer emergency services, including removing dangerous limbs or entire trees fast and efficiently in time-sensitive situations. When life or property is at stake, your choice of tree lopper will make all the difference.

Your garden means the world to you. Taking the time to choose the perfect tree lopper will ensure your garden continues to be safe and secure, with healthy growth and boundless beauty. And, of course, your trees will love you for it.