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If you are interested in growing trees in your garden for the first time, it is likely that you will have some questions about how best to proceed. My name is Paul and this is my advice blog. On this blog, I aim to give you some great advice about choosing the right type of trees for your garden and picking the best spot in which to plant them. I will also let you in on a few secret tree care tips which will keep them looking super healthy. I learnt all of this information from a tree contractor who visited my property some years ago. I call him in twice a year to check on my trees and we always have a nice chat.



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5 Reasons Why Your Trees May Need Pruning

Tree services across Australia offer private property owners a range of services, depending on the specific needs of each property owner. One of these services is tree pruning. Generally speaking, tree pruning involves cutting off certain sections of a tree with the goal of benefiting the entire tree. But what are the specific reasons to consider pruning a tree on your private property? Keep reading on below to find out why. 

To improve the health of a tree

Disease and decay can deteriorate the health of a tree. Pruning to remove diseased and decayed parts of a tree can help ensure healthy growth of the tree. When a tree grows healthy, its natural beauty is greatly enhanced. Plus, its longevity is increased, meaning you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of having trees longer. 

To improve the natural aesthetics of a tree

Pruning can also be performed to improve the shape of a tree, thus enhancing its natural beauty. A tree that is overgrown and bushy, for example, may look unkempt, giving your visitors the impression that you don't pay attention to the appearance of your landscape. Tree pruning service can help give a tree the makeover it needs to look beautiful. 

To ensure a better view of the outside environment

If left to become very bushy, a tree can block building occupants' view of the landscape. Pruning a bushy tree will not only improve the tree's natural beauty but also provide an unobstructed view of the landscape from the interiors of a building. This can also help improve security on your property, as your properly pruned trees won't provide a hiding place for potential intruders.

To improve natural lighting within your building

If you are not getting sufficient natural light in your building because trees are blocking the light, pruning can help remedy the issue. Depending on your building orientation, your tree expert can remove a few branches to maximise natural lighting. This can help you reduce energy costs considerably in the long term.

To improve safety 

A tree with large, weak branches is unsafe. If the branches are not removed, they can fall on adjacent buildings and hurt the people in those buildings. In worst-case scenarios, the branches can fall directly on someone and cause serious injury or even death. Pruning will help identify and remove any dried, decayed or diseased branches that can put people in harm's way. 

Clearly, tree pruning service provides so many good benefits. To reap the above benefits and many more, approach a reputable tree service near you.