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If you are interested in growing trees in your garden for the first time, it is likely that you will have some questions about how best to proceed. My name is Paul and this is my advice blog. On this blog, I aim to give you some great advice about choosing the right type of trees for your garden and picking the best spot in which to plant them. I will also let you in on a few secret tree care tips which will keep them looking super healthy. I learnt all of this information from a tree contractor who visited my property some years ago. I call him in twice a year to check on my trees and we always have a nice chat.



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Two steps to take before an arborist comes to lop some of the trees in your garden

If you have arranged for an arborist to do some tree lopping in your garden, here are some steps you should take before they arrive.

Remove any obstructions

The day before the arborist is due to come to your home, you should spend a bit of time removing any obstructions (such as gardening equipment, outdoor furniture, etc) from the area of your garden in which they will be working.

This will serve two purposes. Firstly, it will make it easier for the arborist to perform their work quickly and efficiently, as they won't be forced to move your gardening equipment out of the way, or navigate their way through a maze of patio furniture in order to reach the trees that need to be lopped.

Secondly, it will reduce the likelihood of any of the items that you keep in your outdoor space sustaining damage as a result of the tree lopping process.

If for example, you leave a glass patio table in the section of your garden where the arborist will be working, there is a chance that one of the branches that they cut off could land on this table and cause it to shatter.

Likewise, if you fail to move your barbecue equipment out of harm's way, it could end up broken or dented if it gets struck by a falling branch.

Warn your neighbours

If you want to stay on good terms with your neighbours, it's sensible to inform them in advance of the arrival of the arborist.

The reasons for this are as follows; firstly, tree lopping is a noisy process; arborists usually have to use chainsaws and other loud, powerful equipment to remove large branches.

If you warn your neighbours about this noise and tell them when it will come to an end, they will be more likely to tolerate it without complaining or getting distressed.

Secondly, if your neighbours' properties are very close to yours (for example, if you live in attached or semi-detached houses), there is a chance that some of the falling branches may land in their gardens, as well as yours, particularly if the arborist performs this task on a very windy day.

You should tell your neighbours about this so that they can move their outdoor furniture out of harm's way.

It is especially important to warn them about this if they have young children or pets who often play outside in the garden, as a falling branch could potentially strike one of these individuals if they are allowed outside whilst the arborist is carrying out their work.