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If you are interested in growing trees in your garden for the first time, it is likely that you will have some questions about how best to proceed. My name is Paul and this is my advice blog. On this blog, I aim to give you some great advice about choosing the right type of trees for your garden and picking the best spot in which to plant them. I will also let you in on a few secret tree care tips which will keep them looking super healthy. I learnt all of this information from a tree contractor who visited my property some years ago. I call him in twice a year to check on my trees and we always have a nice chat.



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Two ways that cutting down the trees in your garden can help to keep your home in good condition

Hiring a tree felling specialist to cut down the trees in your garden can make it considerably easier to keep your home in good condition. Read on to find out more.

It can prevent blockages from developing in the guttering

If the branches of any of the trees on your property hang over your home's guttering, it is worth arranging for an arborist to remove them.

The reason for this is as follows; the purpose of guttering is to direct rainwater away from a house.

However, if the leaves and twigs which fall from your tree's branches land in the guttering, they could create a blockage which could stop rainwater from flowing out of the guttering,

Instead, this water may end up dripping in through any tiny gaps in your home's roof or flowing down the exterior walls and entering the property's foundation.

Water which comes into contact with your roof's structural support system (i.e. its roof trusses or rafters) or the foundation could cause serious damage that could cost a great deal of money to fix.

Given this, if you want to avoid having to pay for expensive structural repairs, it's important to remove any trees that are located close to your property's guttering.

It can prevent roof damage

The presence of large trees in your garden can significantly increase the risk of your roof being damaged.

For example, if a storm occurs in your local area, there is a chance that some of the branches of the trees in your outdoor space could break off and strike the roof of your home. If these branches are heavy, and they hit the roof quite forcefully, they could create large indentations or even a hole.

Similarly, if the tree's trunk collapses during a bad storm and lands on your house's roof, it could completely destroy this section of your home.

A tree can also inflict other forms of damage on your roof. For instance, during the autumn months, the damp leaves of any deciduous trees in your garden may end up falling onto the surface of the roof.

If these wet leaves are left on the surface of the roof for several weeks, they could encourage the growth of moss. Moss retains water and as such, can cause a roof to remain permanently damp. This dampness can lead to its underlay rotting. If this happens, you could end up having to pay a roofer to replace some or all of the damaged underlay.

Fortunately, you can prevent all of these issues, simply by having the trees in your garden cut down.