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If you are interested in growing trees in your garden for the first time, it is likely that you will have some questions about how best to proceed. My name is Paul and this is my advice blog. On this blog, I aim to give you some great advice about choosing the right type of trees for your garden and picking the best spot in which to plant them. I will also let you in on a few secret tree care tips which will keep them looking super healthy. I learnt all of this information from a tree contractor who visited my property some years ago. I call him in twice a year to check on my trees and we always have a nice chat.



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4 Times You Will Need to Hire an Arborist

There is a reason why an arborist is often called a tree surgeon. They can help you with any tree-related problem you may have. Since trees are such a joy to have around you, it is important that they receive the kind of care they need. Some of the benefits of having trees include shade fruit, fresh air and even an increase in your property value. 

If they are not cared for, however, they can be very detrimental, posing a risk for you, your family and for your property. Here are 5 times you should enlist the services of an arborist.

#1 Planting a New Tree

A tree can last for a very long time on your property. It may seem harmless as a seedling, but once it grows, it could spread and influence your property significantly. Trees are also susceptible to various elements of the environment and the weather. If you are looking to plant a tree or many in your yard, it is advisable that you consult an arborist. 

The professional could also advise you on the trees to select, depending on whether they are native to the area or not, and how much care they require.

#2 Pruning of Large Trees

You can often manage to prune the leaves of smaller trees in your yard by yourself. However, for larger trees, you will require the services of an arborist, especially if the tree is big enough to require the use of a ladder to prune it. In addition, the process requires specialised tools and skills which you may not have or may not know how to use. 

The arborist will prune your tree in a safe manner, utilise all the training they have undergone to maintain the aesthetics of the yard and the health of the tree and resolve any crises that may occur along the way. 

#3 Removing an Old Tree

It is extremely important that you call an arborist if you're looking to remove an old tree. If a tree is old, sick or posing a certain danger to your property and you need it removed, it is best practice to call an arborist to remove it in a safe manner.

Additionally, the arborist will properly dispose of the tree in a responsible manner that does not infect other younger trees or destroy property.

#4 Emergency Tree Care

A tree can become damaged unexpectedly, and if this is the case, the first and most important call to make is to an arborist. Heavy winds can cause the tree to fall on power lines or on your property. It is important that a professional assess the danger and determine the best course of action.

In addition to all the tips above, it is important that if you are in doubt about how to handle a tree-related issue, you call an arborist. They have the skill set, training and information to act in a manner that keeps your trees safe and healthy for years to come.